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This link will take you to my PayPal, where you can pay for your session, photo retouching, and/or extra session edits (currently $3 for each edit over the allotted session amount).
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First, thank you for granting me the privilege of capturing these special moments for you! I realize what a big decision it was to find someone who suited your family's personality, and am flattered you allowed me a little peak into your life!


If you have not yet paid for your session, you may do so through PAYPAL (opens in new window).


If you agreed upon providing signed model releases for each individual in your session, and did not fill them out during your session, please complete the MODEL RELEASE FORM on this page as instructed (opens in new window), and return it to me as soon as possible. You may print, fill out and either scan or take a photo of the releases and email them back to me!

My email address is tanyalittle@live.com

If you have changed your mind about including your family's images in these stock photography databases for possible commercial use, that's perfectly fine!




Your protected gallery can be found HERE, or by clicking the "Client Galleries" link in the website menu. Each gallery has a hint guiding you to a familiar password so you never forget how to access your images! I also do not delete galleries, so if this website stands, so do your albums! 

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I begin by importing your images into Adobe Lightroom to adjust cropping, exposure, white balance and culling.

I work hard to thoroughly cover your session, therefore, I do not limit myself to a specific number of shots taken or kept.

Since I love fun outtakes, even if they have a bit of motion blur or grain, you will see them in your album as little keepsakes and something to brighten your browsing! The only images you will not see, are duplicates, overly repetitive or particularly unflattering images. (Blinks and head turns are kept for the possibility of head swaps later in Photoshop editing!) 

A simple example of Straight Out of Camera (SOOC) to Lightroom editing to Photoshop editing can be found below.

(clicking the anchored link will take you to the example below on the same page)


You may indicate a favorite by either messaging the numbers of the images, or by clicking "Add To Favorites" (please view the image below for guidance on where to find this information). Once you have added an image to your Favorites album, you will be able to make adjustments to your selection, and I will be able to view it (send a quick message when your selection is finalized so I know to look for it!).

**Specialized conceptual images are accompanied by a surcharge, such as the image to the right or below. These types of images usually need to be discussed before the session so they can be adequately planned--surcharge is based on difficulty and time-consuming nature of request!

More CONCEPTUAL / EMOTIONAL IMAGES (opens in new window)

**If you need certain images edited sooner for printing, preparing cards, invites, gifts, etc, please let me know, and I will get them up ASAP!



I edit your favorite images in Adobe Photoshop. The number of creative edits depends on the session length, as detailed in the table below!   These are the images of your choosing, not the ones I may have already done on my own! Sessions include the following amount of Photoshop Edits:
1/2 Hour   5 Final Photoshop Edits
1 Hour   10 Final Photoshop Edits
1 1/2 Hour   15 Final Photoshop Edits
Additional   $3 per additional Photoshop Edit
For extra Photoshop edit information, please refer to the note two sections down. (anchored link will take you to the section on this page)
Editing may include (as necessary or requested):
  • Color/tone/warmth/lighting adjustments
  • Noise reduction and image sharpening
  • Eye brightening and sharpening
  • Blemish removal (drool, snot, food, cuts, bruises, acne, etc)
  • Teeth whitening
  • Double chin removal
  • Slimming of subject if awkward posing, or as requested
  • Fading of under eye circles; fading wrinkles as requested
  • Skin softening and tone evening (shadow casts, etc)
  • Distracting object/person removal
  • Black and white conversions, sepia, selective color, vintage coloring, etc
  • Swapping heads/features from other images if someone blinks, makes a funny face, etc (generally as requested)

**Visit RETOUCHING for more examples of Photoshop edits!

**If you have any specific editing requests for an image, either message the number along with the request details, or simply add a comment on the original photo in your gallery! 




This screenshot shows the two methods of expressing your favorite images to me. The blue box represents the favorites selection, whereas the pink box shows where to find the number of a specific image. Either way is acceptable in relaying to me the images you wish further edited in Photoshop!



This is a mild example of what the editing process can look like and can include so much more (see above at bulleted Photoshop list)! For more examples of Photoshop enhancement possibilities, or to send in your own images to be retouched, please visit my RETOUCHING PAGE (opens in new window).

**If you would like additional images edited, there is a surcharge of $2 per image. Please make your session allotted favorites first, so they appear at the top of the edit list. Any favorites beyond those, I will treat as additional edits and will cost $2, per image, to download in your personal gallery.

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All images in your albums are available for downloading. Prints and products are also available for purchase directly through your albums, though you are neither limited, nor required, to use these pro-labs--though they do have exceptional quality prints! You have full creative rights of your images and may download, print, share and use however you'd like!
Important caveat: PLEASE only use the full-resolution files for prints and products or you will be sorely disappointed in the reduced quality of your items due to the downsizing of web files!!! The web files are meant for sharing online through social media, email or on phones as they are optimized for viewing in such instances!
The image below highlights how to accomplish these tasks.
  • The purple box demonstrates how to download your images.
    If you click "Original," you will have the originally sized image downloaded, likely into your downloads folder. If you click "All available originals," you will receive a hefty zipped folder with every image in the gallery included. Therefore, you can do the zip way, or simply keep clicking next and download each photo one by one!
  • The green box demonstrates how to purchase products through the built-in professional lab.
    Featured products are on display with the cost of the print or product beside it. If you click on the seemingly blank, white rectangle below the green box, when highlighted it reads "View All Products," you will be greeted with a slew of merchandise ranging from specialized prints, books, cards, memorabilia, apparel, framed images, various gift ideas, home decor, etc.




If you are pleased with your experience and final results, please feel free to leave me a review on Facebook, Thumbtack, Yelp or even a Guestbook Comment to let me and others know! (all links open in new windows)



As always, thank you for your patience while I work on your galleries and messages!
It is always appreciated!